4 Shelf Wardrobe Closet Hanging Shelves Organizer

This 4 shelves hanging organizer offers a multi-funcational solutions for storing your clothes,shoes,belts and accessories without crushing or wrinkling those delicate items. making it easy to add and remove items without all of the hassle.
This hanging organizer keeps your items fresh and clean while protecting them from dust, debris and odors.
Lightweight and easy to move, the fabric hanging organizer is designed with a natural theme that blends nicely with most types of decor.
It fits into nearly all sizes of closets so you can use it in any room in your home.
This can be used to store a variety of everyday clothing items.

  • Reinforced MDF board shelves resist sagging
  • Durable metal hooks hang from most closet rods
  • Multi-functional clothing bar for added more hanging space
  • High quality fabric, Polyester and cotton blended
  • Flexible storage and organizer, collapsible when not use